Epicurean Bears

bearThe Big Bear Camp
Friends and Neighbors Potluck

Big Bear Camp is such a wonderful setting for a dinner party and we have great cooking facilities. We want to support the local foods movement, build community, meet new people and have fun together at our beautiful forested retreat. That’s why we’ve started a monthly themed potluck for people who love food, fun and cooking. We call it “The Epicurean Bears”.  All of Big Bear Camp’s friends and neighbors are welcome to attend. Guests are welcome and encouraged as well.

If anyone has suggestions for future culinary themes, just let us know.

We hope to someday tie our themed meals into a movie night as well. We’ve got the large screen and even a local movie buff – thanks to David Eisler, who is willing to orchestrate the Movie Night. If anyone has access to a digital projector that we could use, let us know.

2016 SCHEDULE (tentatively either the first Saturday or first Thursday of the month. This could change if we have a camp retreat booking. Thanks for  being flexible)
Come around 4:30  P.M. We’ll try and eat around 5:30 P.M.

Saturday, March 5 – Comfort Food!
Bring whatever you believe to be comfort food.

Saturday, April 2 – Cuisine from your Heritage
This should be fun – diversity you can taste!

Saturday, May 7 – Mexican
Big Bear Camp we’ll make refried beans and ? TBA

Saturday, June 4 – Salad and Ballads –  Bring a raw or cooked salad and a story or a song to share around the camp fire.

Saturday, July 2 – Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy BBQ and side dishes.
The Kranky Kowboy will Be spinnin’ the Vinyl. Bring your stompin’ boots, stetson hats and leather chaps. Bring your tents if you want to circle the wagons and spend the night.
Big Bear Camp we’ll do chicken, dogs and tofu/vege shishkababs

August – Sorry, no potluck this month . The camp is booked the entire month.

Saturday, September 10 – Open theme – bring what you want and we know it will be good!

Saturday, October 1 –  Hawaiian

Saturday 12, Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving                                                              
Come about 1 P.M. so we can eat, visit, feel grateful, and eat some more. Our last Potluck of 2016. We’ll be back in March, 2017